Correct me if I’m wrong guys but this is our SECOND digital tablescape meeting of 2018, and our THIRD digital tablescape meeting EVER. That is a LOT of talk of tables and a lot of people still wondering whether, ‘tablescape’ is a real word.

Today we’re stripping it back to woodland basics and letting this incredible driftwood table and Delamere Rural dining set from Spode do all the talking. We’ve gone for a woodland theme for Christmas this year, inspired by the deer, rabbit and duck designs on all the 6-inch bread plates. Place settings are golden sprayed pine cones or little woodland tree ornaments and honestly I’m a little bit in love with it all.

Dating back to 1828, the iconic designed used on the Delamere Rural collection looks perfect with the light finish of the driftwood table. I matched them with tapered grey dinner candles and gold candle holders dotted between the pine garland running down the centre. I wrapped some fairy lights in there too because is it even Christmas without fairy lights?

Accessories for the dinner service included a beautiful gravy jug and dish, serving dishes and serving platter,¬†all from the same delectable range. Isn’t the grey botanical pattern so dreamy? Does it make anyone else’s heart happy to see a complete dinner set with all the trimmings for friends and family to gather around?

The plates pictured are the 10 inch, 8 inch and 6 inch.

I thought last year’s Christmas table was my favourite, with its layers of linen and bright textured dinner plates, but I have to say this one has totally stolen my heart. The dark, moody setting is wonderfully reminiscent of a woodland walk at Christmas time and the bare wood and minimal garland make me happier than I ever thought a garland could.

I appreciate that not everyone reading this will share my affinity with tablescapes, but I do hope that this has inspired you to create a truly magical space for celebrating Christmas this year!


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