February 28, 2018

Hello my lovelies! Firstly how was your snow day?! And secondly I have been promising to put this post up forever so apologies for it taking so bloomin’ long. I’ve done a few IKEA hacks around the house in the 4 years we’ve lived here but I think this might be my favourite. It’s so easy, took about 30 minutes to finish and it looks so sleek and modern. I had Tom’s help because I absolutely hate putting shelves up and this is essentially a shelf…but we’ll get to that later.

The best part is that you can match the legs to your decor. We have a grey, pink and gold bedroom so I opted for a gold spray paint for the legs. But I’d love to see what it looks like with a pop of bright colour like pink, green or blue! A large statement mirror will complete it perfectly. Of course it doesn’t have to be a dressing table either – it’s just the right size for a console in the hallway. Anyway less chatter more DIY! As always if you do decide to try it out please tag me on Instagram @georgiaadolpho – I’d love to see it.

P2272405 P2272411


Our goal for this room was dictated by the space we had available. We wanted to create a practical space for me to sit, put on makeup, enjoy a nighttime routine etc. But I wanted it to be pretty as well as practical and we didn’t have an awful lot of space to play with as the room is quite small.

With that in mind, a bulky dressing table – or even a desk doubling as a dressing table – wasn’t an option. Trust me, I tried everything. With the addition of basket storage and a massive IKEA wardrobe on the other side of the room, we didn’t need it to house all of my beauty products or offer tons of storage. All we needed was an attractive and versatile seating space – so we set out trying to find something narrow enough to look right in the room and just big enough to hold a vase of flowers, a makeup bag and a few beauty bits.

We searched forever and didn’t find anything within budget. Even when I started searching for console tables instead of dressing tables, the prices just seemed to be going up.

It wasn’t until I spotted this glossy white floating shelf in the garage that I realised it was the ideal width and length for what we’d been looking for. All we needed to do was fix it to the wall at the right height and add two legs to make it look like a table.

I actually had a few random furniture legs  in the garage too, because my garage is full of stuff that might be handy one day. I’ve linked everything below for those of you without garages bursting with useless items. Both the shelf and the legs are from IKEA.

P2272416 P2272417 P2272414 P2272405


One IKEA lack floating shelf. 110cm x 26cm. You can buy whatever colour you want but this one was gloss white and cost £13. Two IKEA furniture legs at £2.50 each. Spray primer from Wilko at £4.50 Gold spray paint (or any colour spray paint you want!) from Wilko at £5.00.

TOTAL COST: £27.50



The first thing we did was spray paint the legs. Set down some newspaper in a well ventilated area and spray the primer all over both furniture legs. Then wait 12 hours before spraying your desired colour on top of it. For best results, this part is best done the day before you want to assemble the table. Once the legs are dry, you can attach them to the shelf. There’s no need to measure anything – you can just line them up with the front corners of the shelf and screw them into place. It’s so much easier if you have someone to hold them in place whilst you screw them in. Once the legs are on, you can stand the table up where you want it and mark the height with a pencil on the wall. That way the shelf can be secured to the wall in exactly the right place, and the legs won’t be flying higher than you want them! Secure the shelf to the wall using the normal instructions. The IKEA lack shelves are floating shelves so all the fixtures are hidden. You literally screw the fixings into the wall (where you’ve already marked with the pencil), slide the floating shelf on to the fixings and then tighten the screws underneath. It’s so sturdy once it’s all in. Ours has lasted years. Once it’s in place you can add little details beside it, like storage baskets, hooks, a cute rug and a comfortable stool to sit on. The stool in the pics is this one from Ikea – it’s £25 and I love it! P2272424 P2272420 P2272412


P2272407 P2272409 P2272408 P2272419




  1. Kelly Sage says:

    Georgi, your house is so beautiful & this ikea hack looks amazing! basically pinching all your ideas for DIYs around our new home.
    Love you x

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