November 1, 2017

Brick Pizza Norwich

Just at the corner of our gorgeous covered market, somewhat hidden behind the Sir Garnet pub, casual dining superstar, Brick, is churning out Italian-style pizzas for the hungry folk of the city.

If you’re a pizza lover and you’re visiting (or living in) Norwich, Brick should be at the top of your list of places to wine and dine. Right at the top.

Brick Pizza Norwich

With just enough tables to satisfy a Saturday night rush, this tiny restaurant is a laid back dining spot offering both sit down and takeaway meals. They are even listed on Deliveroo so you can enjoy their thin-crust, traditional style pizzas from your own living room.

If you hit the weekend rush and you’ve got your heart set on a margherita, don’t panic. Just grab a drink from the bar and perch outside – it won’t be a long wait.

Brick Pizza Norwich Brick Pizza Norwich

If you do decide to dine in, you’ll be shown to a rustic wooden table – sometimes shared with other diners. Avid people-watchers can pull out a stool in the window and watch city life pass them by.

Heat from the wood-fired oven fills this tiny restaurant with a sweet, doughy mist that’ll have you drooling before your pizza even gets to the table.  Close your eyes and you could be in an intimate pizzeria in Rome…wine in hand, romanza in the air.

Brick Pizza Norwich Brick Pizza Norwich Brick Pizza Norwich

Order Brick’s house white, a cold beer or a glass of prosecco and enjoy the atmosphere as you wait for your pizza to be made. That irresistible, sweet air talked us into buying dough balls too. They are just as delicious as the pizzas and come with their own velvety smooth garlic butter.

Side note: The dough balls are available with garlic butter or Nutella…..just gonna leave that there.

Brick Pizza Norwich

Torn mozzarella and fresh local produce is tossed on top of the hand-thrown dough that you can see kneaded in front of your eyes. A quick blast in the wood-fired oven and it’s ready to eat.

When you finally dig in, be sure to savour that magic plum tomato sauce that you thought only existed in the depths of Italy.

Brick Pizza Norwich Brick Pizza Norwich Brick Pizza Norwich Brick Pizza Norwich Brick Pizza Norwich

Crispy and chewy, smooth and garlicky, cheesy and perfectly charred…

In Brick’s own words, it’s just, ‘proper pizza’. And no wonder they’re getting it right – they claim to have the sort of expertise that you’ve never even heard of, like using a different flour in the winter to ensure the yeast still rises. Who knew? I haven’t even mentioned their top secret olive oil…lovingly named, ‘liquid gold’.

It won’t be long until every last morsel has been devoured. And even if you don’t finish everything, you can always take it home for later. Cold pizza for breakfast anyone?

Brick Pizza Norwich

This gem of a pizza place is open 12 lunchtime to 10pm Monday to Saturday. Nothing posh. Nothing fussy. Just seriously good pizza.

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