November 2, 2017

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Our black jeans are wardrobe staples that are totally non-negotiable. Amiright? Sure, they take a bit of a back seat during the summer months but we’re always thinking about them…willing Autumn to hurry up so we can stop shaving our legs and whip out the dark denim and snuggly turtlenecks.

I expect a lot from Autumn. I think we all do. We want our morning air to be crisp enough to warrant a satisfying, ‘ahhh’ as we step out the front door but warm enough for a coat to be optional. We must be provided with handfuls of golden-brown leaves for our Instagram posts — not muddy-brown or black-spotty-brown, but warm, golden-brown like a neutral Mac eyeshadow palette. Pumpkins should be given in abundance and snow is totally out of the question — because nothing would ruin the blazing, amber aesthetic more than a blanket of white before it’s welcome. We should never feel too warm for chunky knit jumpers or hot chocolate (none of this Indian summer nonsense) and our trusty black jeans should never ever ever fade.

Unfortunately we don’t live in a Google search for, ‘Autumn’. The ideal temperature doesn’t exist at this time of year, fallen leaves are wet, rotting and covered in mud and I don’t know about you but whenever I rock up at a pumpkin patch all the fields have been suitably emptied. I blame the kids.

You’d hope that with all this uncertainty to deal with in Autumn, our trusty black jeans would just step up and be the pillar of fashion stability we expect them to be. The simple outfit fix that looks just as good with a festive red turtleneck and boots as it does with a bead-embellished blouse and heels. But no — one encounter with the washing machine and our favourite black jeans are a shrivelled up mass of purply-grey elephant skin.

“These jeans look black, right?” we ask our friends for reassurance as we stare down at the faded jeans we only bought a few months ago. Surely we’re overreacting. “Yeah course!” they answer, looking us up and down with intent. “I mean, you’ve got that cool faded black denim thing going on” they add, satisfied. In all seriousness, who wants a, “faded black denim thing” going on? If we wanted a, “faded black denim thing”, we would have bought faded black denim.

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Wouldn’t it be so convenient, and exactly what you’d expect from successful adulting, if your black jeans were still black jeans after you’ve washed them a few times? This is what Surf’s new liquid detergent ‘Surf Perfect Black’ promised me. So upon their suggestion I have been taking the #SurfPerfectBlack challenge to see if I can win Autumn this year.

This challenge involved a brand new pair of black Topshop jeans, a bottle of Surf Perfect Black and (so far) five cycles in the washing machine. I am suitably dumbfounded by the results. Please see for yourself…

These are my jeans fresh out of Topshop.

[pipdig_banner image=”http://www.georgiaadolpho.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/blog3-1440×691.jpg” alt=”” class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-4683″ size=”original” parallax=”yes”]


And these are the same jeans after five washes…still super black right?


And whilst I haven’t washed them twenty times yet, because I’m not sure my electricity bill could handle it just for the sake of this blog post, I have some patch test results of the exact same pair of jeans I’m wearing after twenty washes with Surf Perfect Black, compared with twenty washes in a standard powder detergent.

I am now questioning my own standard powder detergent and wondering why I even bother buying it if it’s going to eat all the colour out of my wardrobe.

I’m not going to lie, I’m fangirling over this laundry product. As someone who once bought a brand new version of a baked bean-stained dress to avoid having to stand in the laundry aisle in Sainsbury’s for three hours wondering what stain-removing product to buy, I can honestly tell you this product couldn’t be easier to use.

You just throw it in the drum with your dark clothes and carry on as normal. As if it wasn’t magical enough, it has an orchid and lily scent that is super powerful and makes the laundry smell like your mum did it. But we’ve got a step up on Mum this time because I’m pretty sure even she used to turn my black jeans a depressing grey after a while! (Sorry mum! Come on over and use my Surf Perfect Black if you want…)

I’m very excited to be heading into the colder months armed with a product that will keep my dark clothes looking newer for longer. You definitely shouldn’t have to put up with purply-grey jeans either! Try the #SurfPerfectBlack challenge for yourself here and you’ll see that all this fangirling is justified.

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