August 12, 2017

Last month I had the absolute pleasure of attending my gorgeous friend Kelly’s truly boho hen do, complete with flower crowns, afternoon tea and a festival-themed dress code. If you’re a lucky bride-to-be looking for a non-traditional hen with your besties then this is definitely it! If you’re even luckier and live in Norfolk (like all the best people do…) then Urban Jungle in Costessey has exactly what you and your bohemian bride are looking for.

Kelly’s hen was everything she is! Bright, vibrant, full of love and glitter and super stylish. We met up in the restaurant area of Urban Jungle, where the super talented Bracken and Twine Flowers was waiting for us. A table was laid out with glass jars full of blooms, twine and wool, brightly coloured head bands and glasses of bubbly.

It was so simple to create a beautiful crown with the help of a talented florist and so much fun doing it with all the girls and a glass of fizz. Once we’d finished we topped up our glitter and sat down for afternoon tea. Urban Jungle is a pro at gluten-free goodness and even provided a totally vegan one for our lovely bride. We sat amongst the greenery attracting all the bees and eating cake whilst talking all things weddings.

As far as hen parties go, this one was a dream! The only L plates in sight were teeny little ones on our festival lanyards that were also emblazoned with the words, ‘HENFEST’. Amy, beautiful bridesmaid and pro hen party planner, did include a willy straw in our gift bags…but I’ll let that one pass.

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  1. Amy Eade says:

    This looks so nice! I want something a bit different for mine and something like this sounds so chilled out and fun!
    Amy xx

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