June 18, 2017

Oh hey it’s me again – the girl who occasionally lives on this blog but mostly doesn’t. I suppose I never really mastered the whole ‘multi-tasking’ thing. In fact, I can say with some assurance that I definitely never mastered the whole ‘multi-tasking’ thing – especially when it comes to really important stuff.

Really important stuff no.1: My wedding.

Really important stuff no.2: Like, money and stuff.

Really important stuff no.3: Book writing.

Really important stuff no.4: Playing with next door’s new puppy.

I don’t understand people with great time management skills. When I have important stuff to do I wander around the house overthinking my life, occasionally checking the fridge in case I actually went shopping, before making half a sandwich and leaving it on the side to go and play with Willow (the puppy).

There’s no WAY I could have planned my own hen do as well (I mean playing with Willow really is a full-time job guys!!) which is why I left it in the very capable hands of MOH Meg – you’ve met her before remember? She’s the one who likes lists.


The long weekend started on a Thursday with a few days at the stunning Bailbrook Hotel in Bath with my lovely mum. She surprised me with champagne and dinner for two, followed by lots of shopping and exploring.



After some quality mother-daughter time and some epic hotel breakfasts, we made our way to a four-storey Georgian town house on the river, which Meg had booked for us and 14 of my closest friends and family.

*Please forgive some of the iPhone photos and general lack of light – I was having way too much fun to take lots of photos!



Meg even ordered us the most beautiful cupcakes – designed in mine and Tom’s wedding colours and inspired by my blog! I know, I’m keeping count of her best friend points don’t worry. She got about ten thousand when she provided the whole party with flower crowns…


After settling in to our rooms, we opened the champagne, put on our flower crowns and got ready for our night out – where Meg had pre-arranged a magnum bottle of fizz to celebrate!



The following day, with considerable hangovers, we ventured out in search of ginger tea and a spot of shopping! We even made it to a cocktail making class in the afternoon and dinner in the evening, where I was given a little box full of presents, including ‘advice’ cards from all my favourite girls. I may or may not have cried whilst reading them all.

I did. I cried.



As well as gift bags from both me and Meg, the girls were treated to goodies from Ted Baker’s new ‘Porcelain Rose’ collection – including the Blush Pink Body Spray, Body Scrub and Lip Balms.

We were also gifted with some Optrex Warming Eye Masks for bank holiday hangovers. They are incredible for soothing my eyes after long days in front of the laptop too.



Just when I thought all the surprises were over…my mum and my two surrogate mums performed a fully choreographed dance routine to, Wilson Phillips’s ‘Hold On’ from the Bridesmaids’ soundtrack.

*drops mic*



I mean…where did they get those outfits?!








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