March 13, 2017


Spring is officially here. My daffodils told me so. On a recent trip down to Kent to visit mum, we celebrated its arrival by heading out for coffee amongst the  cheerful clad cottages of Cranbrook (say that five times fast)…



…where stopping to smell the roses (hyacinths) is compulsory.



A quick coffee stop at Cocolicious in between perusing the boutique shops…



…turned into a long lunch made up of locally-sourced seasonal ingredients.

Mum chose a superfood quinoa salad whilst I went for smashed avocado, feta and chilli on black bread.



Paying the bill required more willpower than first expected, since the till is very cleverly positioned next to the cakes.

Thank goodness Grandma’s Oatmeal Chocolate seemed to be all sold out otherwise I may have left with the whole thing…whatever it was.



Nothing could stop me from buying a huge slice of coffee and caramel cake though, which I carried with me all the way back to Norwich that evening.



Okay so I ate it in the car…can you really blame me?

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