When I first agreed to hand write all of our wedding invitations, I’m pretty sure I was suffering from a minor head injury.

Now, the head injury may have healed but my hands are permanently shaped like dinosaur claws and if i see another calligraphy pen in my lifetime there’s no saying what path of destruction I might take.



On Sunday, I was finishing the RSVPS – the final component of the invitations. You might think that after writing out 200 invitations and ‘extra info’ cards by hand I would have stopped making silly mistakes weeks ago.

You’d be wrong. I had to throw out at least 4 due to missing out the first line of our address on the envelopes.

Then another 4 when my brain decided ‘RSVP’ should actually be ‘RVSP’.



I blame Tom for that really. He might look like he’s helping, but he’s really just distracting me.



The paper and envelopes we’re using for the invitations are from Fabriano – an Italian boutique renowned for their quality stationary.

They are the prettiest, most elegant pieces of paper I’ve ever seen.

Of course, I can’t show you the finished piece or it’ll ruin the surprise!

I can confirm it involves silk ribbon.



Tom can’t help. Partly because he would rather be watching Downtown Abbey but mostly because I won’t let him near them.

He was pretty good at refuelling me though.



After lunch, we went to the woods in search of blossom and sunshine.



We also decided to have an impromptu engagement shoot, since we never had one and I’ve been wanting to try out the remote control setting of the Olympus Pen for ages.

One fallen down tree and a few sticks later and we had our own tripod.

Cue the giggles…




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  1. Sierra Ripoche
    March 26, 2017 / 4:19 pm

    You have the cutest blog and life I have ever seen!

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