December 2, 2016


We have recently added some new tiles to our kitchen backsplash in the hope that i’ll be one step closer to living inside Pinterest. I fell in love with these tiles the moment I saw them and ten seconds later I’d accidentally ordered 20 of them. What can I say, my hand slipped and fell into the exact 16 digit number that’s on my debit card. Weird.

We moved into our new build in 2014 and had total control over the design of the kitchen in terms of flooring, worktops and cabinets. We loved the look of these gloss white cabinets coupled with the faux wood worktops, and at the time we didn’t opt for tiles for the wall behind the hob. Instead we settled for a classic safety glass backsplash instead. Taking the words straight out of Julia Robert’s gorgeous mouth…big mistake. Big. Huge.

Our white walls ended up going yellow, especially near the ceiling past the extractor fan. We spend sooooo much time in this room since it’s such a sociable space and we cook every single day, so getting it right was pretty important to both of us. Tiles should have been a no-brainer, but better late than never right?



We were sans toaster at this point, but have since bought a nice little white two-slice toaster that matches the kettle. Originally we had cream errrryhing but against the crisp white of the rest of the room it just looked dirty. I really love the combination of stainless steel and copper, don’t ask me why. It’s the mix of metals, it just pleases me. So we added a few copper accents to satisfy that desire: a colander from Sainsbury’s (here) and a gorgeous copper fruit bowl, which was actually an engagement present so I’m not sure where it was from. But I’ve found a similar one here for £4!

The tiles are from tonsoftiles.co.uk, and they are part of the Moroccan range. The exact name of the tile is the Tangier Blue Decor Tile. They are huge, measuring 33cm x 33xm, so to cover the entire wall we only needed about 16 of the 20 I ordered. Since we are not planning on being in this house forever, we didn’t want to splurge on real hand-painted tiles, so these were an excellent dupe at just £3 a tile. What I love best about them is that they have a dark-coloured grouting for that natural aged look, which as anyone with white grouting will know, is a godsend! I think they look really authentic.





I’d love to know what you think! We are absolutely smitten. I just wish we’d done it sooner!


  1. Linda says:

    Hi, just wanted to ask what colour grout you used with these tiles? I see the company recommends silver or white, but of course this is down to preference… Looks lovely btw!


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