November 9, 2016

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Everyday use, fancy, guest, fancy guest…if these categories are sounding familiar and you aren’t looking for help for your Friends addiction then hey, let’s be besties and organise our towels into 11 categories.

Until today I only had 2 towel categories: everyday and guest. My everydays are Asda’s finest mixed with a few that Tom point-blank refuses to part with because they have Superman on them or something. You know the kind – they come out of the washing machine looking like sheets of cardboard and you have to be careful not to skin yourself as you dry your back. These are the towels that go into hiding when we have guests over, making way for pretty white and floral ones. They are altogether less hazardous as it’s never my intention to give my loved ones friction burns.

Today though, thanks to Christy, I am taking a step up the homeware ladder with a third towel category: personalised fancy guest. Correct me if i’m wrong but I don’t recall Monica having a personalised towel category.

My personalised fancy guest towels are for important visitors only, including but not limited to The Queen, J.K Rowling and my grandma.


luxury towels, christy's personalisation service, christmas gift ideas, towels

luxury towels, christy's personalisation service, christmas gift ideas, towels

luxury towels, christy's personalisation service, christmas gift ideas, towels

luxury towels, christy's personalisation service, christmas gift ideas, towels

Christy will forever be one of my go-to brands for luxury bed linen. Their blog is an endless source of homeware inspiration for me and the main reason for my pursuit of perfection in the bathroom. I have an unruly obsession with getting the perfect mix of hotel & hygge with those little luxuries that make you want to spend all night in a bubble bath listening to meditation music.

Thankfully, these 100% Turkish cotton towels are hygging the sh*t out of my bathroom. I have never known such a beautiful towel in all my life. I went for a combination of colours to create something contemporary: Indian Ink for the bath towels, Limewash for the hand towels and  Pebble for the face towels. I am completely obsessed with these earthy tones together and when The Queen visits I’m pretty sure she will be too.

With my fancy guests in mind, I opted for ‘his’ and ‘her’ personalisation for the bath towels and hand towels. This personalisation service is a new offering for Christy and is available for bath robes as well as the Royal Turkish, Renaissance and Supreme Hygro. I have no doubt that this personalisation service is going to be huge over Christmas since it’s such a meaningful way to treat a loved one. Hygge is all about comfort, beauty and finding joy in the everyday, right? Since there is no chance of anyone finding any joy in my everyday towels, from now on you can just call me fancy guest.

Christy, towels, personalisation service

Christy's towel personalisation service.

How do you ‘hygge’ your bathroom? Have you got any Christy towels? If so, which ones?! Will you try out Christy’s towel personalisation service? You can see the towels for yourself here.

*These beautiful towels were gifted for review purposes, but as always this doesn’t affect my opinion of them and all words are mine.

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