Oh my god!!! In 9 months time I will officially be a Mrs. It’s flying by so quickly! At the same time, the thought that it would take the same amount of time to grow an entire human inside me is weirdly comforting.

This month, with trepidation, we set out to buy bridesmaids dresses. If you read this post, then I know what you’re thinking. PAH! Bridesmaids dresses for seven girls who have totally different body shapes and totally different taste. GOOD LUCK GEO.

To you cynics I shall say this: ohhh ho ho HO how wrong you are my friends. Firstly, my seventh bridesmaid is a little dot, so she is most likely going to be wearing an ivory dress not dissimilar to the one a fairy princess would wear for a crowning ceremony. One of my big bridesmaids (an endearing term I promise) has dual responsibility in that she is a best (wo)man too, hence different outfit.

That left us with five beautiful girls, a designer dress shop in Norwich and an afternoon to fill with prosecco.

These images, courtesy of Pinterest, helped me to visualise exactly the sort of thing I wanted for my #bridesquad. I recommend Pinteresting until you’re red in the face.

In case you’re planning a bridesmaids shopping trip with the girls, I’ve put together a list of things that made our experience so wonderful in the hope that it might offer some guidance for those who haven’t started yet.

Set a budget

Designer or highstreet? Let your girls know from the beginning what you can afford to contribute towards their dresses, get their input on what they are happy to pay and base your decisions on everyone’s budget. If you’re paying for them, make sure you’ve OK’ed it with your fiancĂ©. Remember there are shoes involved too!

Know what you want

My maid of honour helped me choose the designer we eventually settled on, because she knew exactly the kind of style I wanted and didn’t want me to to compromise. It really helped having her there to offer her opinion and take some of the pressure off. There are so many choices out there that it’s easy to be swayed. I did all of my searching online, just because I felt like there was more choice. But if chaos is your thing, take the girls shopping and see what happens!

Know what the girls want too

One of the first things I did was make a Whatsapp group so I could talk to all the girls at the same time. I decided to send them all over to the designer’s website to pick out the styles they liked best. My thinking was that I could then send their choices on to the shop so that they could check stock and sizing.

Make a Saturday appointment

Your bridesmaids will probably thank you for it.

Email your choices before the appointment

Our appointment ran so smoothly and painfully partly due to the fact that I had e-mailed a list of about ten dresses to the girls at the shop a month before the appointment. These were the dresses I knew my bridesmaids loved and wanted to try on. Rather than faffing around and wasting time browsing through the shop, we were ushered straight upstairs and started trying things on immediately. I can’t say for sure, but i’m pretty sure that saved a lot of, “I don’t minds” and “what do you thinks?”

Use your imagination

If you’re going designer, then chances are the dresses you try on in the shop will be sample sizes and in the wrong colour. Ask for a swatch before you order the dresses so you can check the colour before you commit to anything.

Take snacks and water

Five girls swapping dresses and taking measurements can get hot and claustrophobic! Take some water in your handbag and some snacks for faltering maids!

Enjoy it!

You’re shopping with your best friends for the most exciting day of your life! Take lots of photos, go out for cocktails afterwards and tell the girls how much you love them.

Please excuse the iPhone photos! These are just a few snaps from the day. I can’t wait to show you the bridesmaids dresses we bought! Only 9 months to go..! 

If you’ve already done it, how did you find bridesmaid dress shopping? If you haven’t, have you got any ideas yet?


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