Martha Hill Soothing Skin Review

I feel I have reached expert status in very few things in life; navigating the ASOS website, writing a 300-word product description in 30 seconds flat, baking the perfect gluten-free chickpea cookie. Beauty has never and will never be one of them. And now, as if the universe is throwing rocks at me for not becoming a beauty junkie sooner, I seem to be ageing at an exceptionally fast rate. Tom thinks I have truly lost it but I’m telling you – 26-year-old skin is NOT the same as 22-year-old skin and it’s starting to freak me out!

I started to break out with really persistent spots and blemishes in May, and since my skin has never really been that problematic it was a bit of a shock. I started to get these weird rash-type blemishes and my cheeks were redder than normal (I’m naturally always a little flushed). So I went manic-shopping looking for something, ANYTHING, to give me my skin back and it’s only now that I feel like I’ve found a good routine that’s really helping – after trying and failing with a handful of products. The redness and irritation have calmed down and I feel like myself again. I thought I’d share them just in case anyone is going through the same thing, along with a few products that didn’t work for me personally but are made for redness and irritation.

The first is a really gentle Goats Milk Cleansing Lotion, which removes makeup really well. It is £14.50 so it’s not cheap but it lasts a long time. It’s perfect for skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. There’s no rubbish in it – it’s just a mild, creamy cleanser. Shout-out to my big sis who recommended this to me.

Martha Hill Soothing Skin Review

The next thing that has helped me get into a great routine is Martha Hill skin wash, toner and moisturiser. The website very kindly markets the cream for, “easily irritated, maturing skin.” The Skin Wash is really gentle and unlike a few others I tried it isn’t drying and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or uncomfortable. The Skin Tonic gently evens skin tone and restores the skin’s natural PH balance and the Soothing Skin Relief cream addresses all the problems associated with easily irritated skin.

The whole range contains naturally active ingredients like Meadowsweet, which stimulates the skin’s natural anti-bacterial defences and reduces pores to improve skin tone and texture. In trails, 71% presented a significant reduction in spots whilst 75% reported a reduction in pore size. I can definitely vouch for that finding. They also contain Tarvine, a medicinal plant that has natural, anti-inflammatory qualities. It soothes flushed and irritated skin. Sodium Hyaluronate has moisturising and anti-ageing benefits and Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil are essential for moisture and preventing dryness. Gotu Kola is another natural anti-inflammatory and helps improve circulation, whilst Oat Beta Glucan improves elasticity.

Martha Hill Soothing Skin Review

This three-step routine has REALLY worked for me and they claim to be a great solution for acne and rosacea-prone skin. You can have a look at the range here, and they are currently offering 20% the Martha Hill Soothing Skin range. So if you do suffer from redness and irritation I HIGHLY recommend it.

I’ve combined the three-step Martha Hill routine (which I do twice a day) with gentle exfoliation two/three times a week. I usually have issues with exfoliation as it makes my skin even more irritated than when I started but I’ve finally found one that doesn’t cause redness and excess dryness. This Witch Naturally Clear face wash has tackled persistent spots and my skin feels amazing after using it. It claims to have a deep cleansing action that unblocks pores and it’s not harsh like a lot of exfoliators.

Witch gentle exfoliating face wash review

The third miracle worker that has helped my skin irritation is this Guinot Red Logic cream. Targeted for redness and stress-prone skin, this cream is AMAZING for treating redness. I’ve never used anything like it before. It’s tinted green in colour and works by soothing the feeling of heat on the cheeks and evening out the complexion by reducing the appearance of red blood vessels. It completely hides the red patches on my forehead and cheeks so I use it underneath the Martha Hill Soothing Skin Relief moisturiser.

The 30ml bottle has an RRP of £49.50 so it’s not as affordable as the other products in this post, but I wouldn’t be including it if I didn’t think it worked. I couldn’t be without it. You can also pick it up cheaper if you do a quick google search.

guinot red logic face cream review

Last but not least, after I use the Witch Naturally Clear Exfoliator, I like to hydrate with something a little stronger than the Martha Hill moisturiser, so I recently added Olay Sensitive & Natural night cream to my routine. It’s a thick cream and you only need a small amount. It seems to be really helping when I need a little extra hydration.

olay night cream review

There are a few products I tried and tested that didn’t work for me, but I’m going to include them anyway because they may work for someone else. Avene cleansing foam is a fantastic, soap-free face wash that was made for sensitive skin. It’s really gentle and removes makeup effectively but unfortunately didn’t do anything for my breakouts. It contains Avene Thermal Spring Water so it’s great for soothing inflammation.

I also tried Botanics by Boots; their cleanser for dehydrated, sensitive skin along with their day cream moisturiser. Both of these felt really nice on the skin but again – didn’t do anything worth noting. They are really affordable so definitely worth a try if you have redness or irritation.

Avene cleansing foam review

Boots Botanics review.
If anything changes I’ll be sure to update you, but for now I am just so relieved to have found an effective routine to treat the weird redness I was getting. Are you having skin problems at the moment? Or have you found a product that you swear by? It might help others reading to know what has helped you, so if you want to please leave the product names in the comments below!


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