January 13, 2016

lemon and ginger tea morning cleanse

January can sometimes feel like a trainer sock that doesn’t quite fit properly. On the one hand, it feels pretty damn good to be making this change and taking control of your life, but on the other hand it’s actually really f**king uncomfortable and you’d rather take it off, pour a large glass of wine and watch Sex & the City in your pyjamas. I get you. I’m in that place all the time, let’s grab a coffee next time and complain about our blisters. The point is though, we’ve gotta stop being so hard on ourselves in January just because the year suddenly has the number 16 in it. Struggle with your resolutions, shout at the mailman for delivering your new H&M sale buys to the wrong house, have a lazy day, eat the cookie that’s been staring at you since midday. It’s okay.

Change is hard, and we’ll get there eventually. It’s all about small, manageable changes that will leave us feeling great. So I’m sharing this really simple and effective morning cleanse because on those days when your trainer socks keep slipping down this is something healthy and nourishing that you can give your body and still feel like you’re making a positive change in January.

lemon and ginger detox drink

lemon detox drink

So why is it so good for you?

Well, warm lemon water helps to flush toxins from the body, it aids digestion and it’s great for your skin. Ginger is notorious for its healing powers especially when it comes to nausea, morning sickness and the symptoms of IBS. It has also been found to promote weight loss because it helps the body digest essential nutrients so you get better results, faster! Not to mention it’s a natural anti-inflammatory and can also improve circulation.

All you have to do to make this delicious tea is peel and chop a piece of ginger about an inch thick, place it in your favourite mug and pour boiling water over it. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, then stud a slice of lemon with cloves and pop it in the top. It smells mellow and gorgeous, but be sure to drink it when it’s warm not boiling hot.


lemon and ginger tea morning cleanse

So what are your resolutions for 2016? Tell me your goals and your dreams!

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  1. Jen Dang says:

    This sounds so amazing! I've been drinking hot water and lemon in the morning lately, but this sounds even better!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

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