A Few Wellness Gifts Under £20

These may just look like regular, albeit really stylish, festive baubles but in reality they are nothing short of a Christmas miracle. For those of us who suffer from anxiety on the daily, it’s no surprise that the festive season can bring with it a whole host of difficult and sometimes overwhelming feelings. These baubles by Scentered are not only beautiful to look at, but they open to reveal a 100% natural fragrance therapy balm that can be used to help sooth feelings of stress. You simply apply the balm to your pulse points and inhale deeply. If you have a friend or relative who you think will need a little helping hand over Christmas, then this is a really thoughtful way to let them know you understand and you’re here for them. I think these are truly charming gifts. Scentered (amazing name!) use only natural ingredients and essential oils to achieve a long-lasting therapeutic fragrance.

The ones photographed are called Stress Less and Escape. There are also two more in the series titled Love and Sleep Well – each with their own coloured bauble. They are £14.50 each and are available here. My favourite is the light blue one – Escape. With Oud, Sandalwood and Ceaderwood as well as Frankincense and Vanilla it smells beautifully seasonal. I will be giving this one to a friend who I know finds this time of year difficult, and the other to my Granny who is the only other person in my family who suffers from anxiety. I’m crazy about these babies and the idea of restoring your natural balance through aromatherapy.

.Who doesn’t love a pair of bunny slippers at Christmas? Or at any time of year tbh. I couldn’t resist these when I saw them online and I don’t plan on taking them off for the whole of Christmas. At £16 they are a solid present for siblings or friends and would make super adorable stocking fillers for all the family. I have size 6 feet and bought these in a Large – they fit perfectly.

There is something pretty lovely about snuggling up with a good pair of slippers during the winter – it’s good for the soul don’t you think? The bigger the better I say. Look how cute! They even have fluffy tails.

If you read my blog regularly you’ll know I’m Olverum’s biggest fan. It’s the bath oil of dreams. I don’t consider a bath at all noteworthy unless it has a few drops of Olverum in it. It is such a gorgeous shade of glossy green and comes in a beautiful bottle – I’d be so happy to receive this as a gift. With its luxury blend of all-natural essential oils it works to restore your “essential you” by easing stress and fighting tension. At this time of year it’s especially yummy because it fills the bathroom with the smell of pine needles and conjures up images of Christmassy alpine getaways. It does magical things to blocked sinuses, coughs and colds, aching muscles and general weekday blues.

You can buy it here. The bottles start at £23.50 (I know – I cheated!!) and they last for months.

There is always someone in the family who asks for hand cream. In mine, it’s my Granny and Grandma. I have been using this Nelson’s Calendula cream on my hands for a few weeks to fight the winter chill. It’s all natural and designed specifically for dry, flaky and damaged skin. You can pick it up for under £6 in Holland & Barrett or on the Nelson’s Pharmacy website here.

I’ve paired this gift with Nelson’s Pure Rosehip Oil, which is £11. I’ve always had stretch marks on my tummy and boobs from weight gain in my teens so I’ve been looking for something to reduce the scarring. I haven’t been using it long enough to see any results yet, but I know that Rosehip is used as a first aid oil and is great for pigmented skin and eczema, scars and burns. Often people don’t think about treating themselves to hand-cream or soothing first aid oil so I always think it makes a thoughtful stocking-filler.

Seeing as I included cosy bunny slippers in this little guide, I thought it only fair to show you my new dressing gown, which would not only look adorable with the slippers but is definitely gift-worthy for those who love to lounge. I haven’t shopped in Peacocks since I was a teen and it was the only high-street store I could afford. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this grey fleece robe for just £20. It looks and feels just like big department store equivalents at half the price. It has a big fluffy shearling hood, pockets and shearling cuffs and it was made especially for snuggling into whilst watching Love Actually.

If you like your dressing gowns big and baggy, I’d go for a size up.

Do you have any wellness gurus to buy for? Have you finished your Christmas shopping or are you panic buying like me?! Leave me a comment I love reading them.



    • December 16, 2015 / 2:19 pm

      Thanks Sheridan, I adore the baubles too! So beautiful and thoughtful. Thank you for reading! xxx

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