November 19, 2015

lumie bodyclock review


In the winter, getting out of bed in the morning feels like waking up at 2am to catch an Easyjet flight to the Bahamas. Only instead of the exhaustion-induced excitement of pina coladas and free upgrades all you have to look forward to is a mediocre coffee whilst you get dressed in the dark and fumble around for yesterday’s bra. Actually, the comparison really doesn’t go much further than that feeling of post-apocalyptic darkness as you’re careful not to wake a sleeping partner with sudden movements or bright lights. Not only do you feel like the only living/breathing human on the planet, you are pretty sure that starting your day in this depressing manner is having an effect on your mood and productivity.

For those of you who are still reading/crying as you foresee a hundred winter mornings ahead, let’s have a quick chat about light therapy and in particular – the Lumie Bodyclock. I don’t need to tell you that a good night’s sleep looks after your skin, increases your brain power and combats the 4pm slump because anyone who is surviving on a few hours a night will be familiar with the endless exhaustion and the little devil on your shoulder telling you to have a nap in the staff toilets. With dark nights and dark mornings comes major body-clock confusion. That, coupled with our generation’s love of screen-watching before bed, can contribute to a night’s sleep that’s about as satisfying as a low fat cookie.

If this sounds like you, then Lumie is a bed-time companion you will never want to part with. Lumie lights are medical products, aimed at those who suffer from SAD or those who are simply stringing nonsensical words together all day long due to lack of sleep. It is even supplied to the NHS. My Lumie is called the Lumie Bodyclock Iris, and it combines aromatherapy treatment (my idea of heaven) with a gradual sunrise and sunset for unwinding before bed and waking up naturally.

Lumie bodyclock review

Before bed, you can set Lumie on a 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute sunset whilst you brush your teeth, put your PJs on, read and unwind. With the Iris, you can also add an aromatherapy option to diffuse essential oils in the room and help you relax. We use lavender at bedtime. Lumie will gradually dim her light, which causes your body to produce increased levels of the sleep hormone melatonin – making you feel sleepy and chilled like you’ve just had a deep tissue massage. You can set Lumie to wake you up too (she’s nice like that) with the same 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute sunrise, which will start really low and gradually get lighter to mimic a sunrise and stick two fingers up at the post-apocalyptic world outside the window. The gradual light will help to slowly stop the secretion of melatonin letting you wake up gently and getting the body ready for activity without you even being aware of it. We use lemon pure essential oil to wake us up in the morning, but you can just use the sunrise setting if you don’t want the aromatherapy option. There’s an optional alarm beep too, which you can set to come on when full sunrise has happened.

I was worried at first that I would detect the first glow of light and be awake a whole 30 minutes before I needed to be. That just doesn’t happen. It is so gentle and refreshing that you don’t notice it consciously until the alarm beeps. After a month of using Lumie, we have noticed that our working days are more productive and our morning mood is 10 times better. Instead of a harsh and sudden bedroom light being switched on out of panic, Lumie allows us to be woken up beautifully and it’s so refreshing.

Lumie bodyclock review

If you are one of those people who hates mornings, feel slumpy at your desk by 11am or just feel depressed to be getting up in the dark please consider Lumie as a solution. Read all about the lights here whether you just want a deeper sleep or you are actively looking to improve sports performance or symptoms of SAD. It’s made our life better.

The Lumie Bodyclock was kindly sent to me for review, however this post was in no way sponsored by Lumie and I have not been paid to speak positively about it. I genuinely love this product and would not have featured it if I wasn’t happy to.

I would love to hear from you if you have a Lumie or any experience with one! Do you love yours as much as I do? Are you thinking of buying one?


  1. Debbie Dann says:

    I received a lumie light for a wedding gift and I've been using it a week. I love it so far and I think it will help when it gets darker as it has a SAD light on it so you can turn it on for 30 minutes or so during the day to help revive you. I haven't noticed a difference so far but I hope as time goes on I will.

    • Georgi says:

      Hi Debbie, yes I've heard about this function and think it's great! Let me know how you get on with it – I'd love to hear how you're doing after two/three months of using it. I love mine! Thanks so much for reading xxx

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