Christmas Gift Guide For Her | Part One

November 9, 2015

Luxury Skincare | LouLouBelle London

There is something undeniably luxurious about this magnolia LouLouBelle London gift box – with its florescent pink foil logo and flash of hot pink tissue paper it just smells expensive you know? I’m not suggesting a gift has to be expensive to be desired – my brother once gave me a hand-painted, slightly wonky paper-mache box with a giant penguin head on the front filled with nothing but ribbons and it was the best present I’d had all year. All I’m saying is that this beauty box looks like the kind of Christmas gift that every woman secretly hopes will replace the annual shower-gel/deodorant box set that smells like the offspring of a strawberry and a gingerbread man.

Anyway, LouLouBelle London is a natural skincare brand and they claim to have everyone covered when it comes to achieving that fresh-faced glow. Using only their own formulas of essential oils and natural fruit oils, this is simple skincare that claims to restore the brightness we lost back when selfie made it into the Oxford Dictionary. There are ranges to suit every skin-type, specifically tailored to you. They made the cut because they don’t include any unnecessary additives, they smell delicious, and they look ridiculously gorgeous. This box can be bought here and retails at £57. You can get a sneaky 20% off your first order if you sign up their mailing list too.

Raw Chocolate | Lovechoc

Because I’m a sucker for chocolate, I need a way to scoff my face over the festive period without sinking into a deep sugar-induced depression. Instead of selection boxes and chocolate coins, why not give Lovechoc a go? I know I need to convince you pretty spectacularly that these babies are better than your annual Terry’s Chocolate Orange, but at least give me a chance before you scroll on! Raw chocolate is made from raw cacao beans that are cold ground instead of roasted. Yeah, so? So, the anti-oxidants in the cacao stay intact giving you a healthy kick in the immune system.

Also, they are gluten-free and dairy-free and 100% of the ingredients are ethically-sourced. Plus each and every bar comes with its own fortune to remind you of the important stuff. If you don’t feel like an epic human being after consuming one of these then you are not doing it right. Oh, also, must not forget that they are only sweetened with magical sparkling unicorn essence found by multi-coloured honey bees in the depths of the Forbidden Forest. SORRY. I mean, “unrefined dried nectar of Indonesian coconut palm tree blossom.” Lighten up guys, they are a sugar-free.

Get your hands on them here. Apologies but the brand new bar released last month, Pecan & Maca, is not photographed below because I inhaled it 3 seconds after it was posted through my letterbox.

Yankee Candles | New Christmas Collection

I recently blogged in detail about the new Christmas collection of Yankees right here, so thought it only fair to include them in my gift guide because who wouldn’t like one of these as a present? I love 3/4 of these new scents, and my least favourite (Berry Trifle) just happens to be the whole world’s must-have festive smell so you can mostly just ignore me. The full-size candles retail at £21.99 so they are a pretty solid gift for friends and family, especially if they are a little bit cray about unwanted/unsolved odors or have an obsessive need for their homes to smell like the seasons. You can find them here (the candles not your crazy relatives).

Cosy Cashmere | Hat, scarf and gloves box set

This one is a little bit special: reserved for the ones you want to really spoil this Christmas. I legitimately cannot think of anyone who wouldn’t love it. Even my wonderfully indecisive granny, who smiles pleasantly at every gift but then asks you for the receipt like she’s offering you a cup of tea, would be suitably thrilled with this timeless gift set. Cosy Cashmere are fibre specialists and their passion for creating classic wardrobe staples is not incomparable to an Englishman’s love of breakfast tea. You must picture that in a blue and white porcelain mug with a saucer and a silver teaspoon otherwise you won’t conjure up the right metaphor.

When compared to buying the individual pieces in this cosy set, you save £20. It’s available in grey, white, pink and blue and retails at £157. The packaging is sensational, with branded tissue paper and a luxury white box as well as little details about your gift printed on care-cards. As if the pink ribbed style wasn’t enough to make me go weak at the knees, the fluffy grey pompoms totally floored me.

You can buy this set in pink, blue, grey, and white. I wore the full set in this post.

Perfume | She Who Dares

I love SWD and particularly this fragrance because it is more than just a perfume. This is a gift for kick-ass women. Women who inspire you. Women who are great. Women who don’t give up. Sitting on my dressing table it is a reminder every day that I can achieve something amazing. I know what you’re thinking: okay Georgi, getting a bit dramatic now. But lets just hold our horses for a second. (Is that the right phrase? My mum used to say that to me when I got over-excited about staying up to watch the 7’oclock Disney film). Why do we wear perfume? Is it because we want to trick people into believing we naturally smell of summer flowers and musk? No. It’s because we feel awesome and powerful. We want people to know Hey, i’m here now and I mean business. I’m not suggesting we need perfume to feel confident, but there’s something really special about finding that fragrance you feel totally you in. Eminence is one of those fragrances. Available here and exclusively at Jarrold. RRP: £45.

.Romantic Massage Candle | Daniele Ryman

I am totally and completely bonkers about this candle. Aromatherapy goddess Daniele Ryman has created six massage candles that are 100% natural and 100% sensational. Combining my love of scented candles with my love of good massage, this is my idea of heaven. Each candle in the range has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibiotic properties. It’s easy, you just burn the candle, appreciate the blissful scent and then pour the oil (which burns at a low heat) on your back for a massage, in the bath for a relaxing soak or literally all over your body as a moisturiser. They look seriously stylish, especially on a bedside table, and are used in spas all over the world. My candle is called Slender, which aims to “flush out waste, discourage water retention and combat bad circulation – all key for toning – while lifting your spirit.” Essential oils are so effective in combating stress and anxiety, I find that a few drops in the bath really helps when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Slender is gentle and soothing, and feels incredible massaged into my shoulders. (Thanks Tom!)

This is a thoughtful gift for a couple. Alive, Detoxify, Eseential Defense, Sleepy, Slender and Unwind are all available here.

That’s it for part one! Part two coming tomorrow with some beautiful beauty bits, fail-safe skincare and one for the country bumpkins.

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