October 26, 2015

When I planted lavender in my garden last spring, I definitely didn’t think that I’d be making bath salts from stem cuttings in the autumn. Mainly because my fingers are about as green as a pink umbrella, but also because I didn’t know you could make so many gorgeous homey things from lavender! A quick google search told me I should cut my lavender plants right back at the end of August to encourage new growth for next year (Oh yeah! My mum would be extremely proud of that sentence), and that I could do pretty much anything I wanted with the cuttings. I dried them out for about a month before deciding that I wanted to make some really soothing natural bath salts to indulge in over the winter, and lo and behold! They turned out pretty well.

Lavender is one of my favourite healing essential oils. It has been found to alleviate stress and feelings of anxiety, help with headaches, insomnia and depression and can even be used for its anti-inflammatory properties to sooth itchy skin, bites or stings. In my opinion it’s a great all-rounder for a calming and nourishing bath. Just add candles!

I’ve noticed that some supermarkets are selling bunches of lavender at the moment, so if you haven’t got dried lavender lying around now is a great time to add some to your weekly shop and dry them in time for Christmas presents! It doesn’t have to be lavender though; you can add any natural oil to some Epsom salts and experiment with scents you love.

They are so disgustingly easy to make that this non-tutorial is a bit embarrassing! Here’s what you’ll need:

A few handfuls of dried lavender

Pure lavender essential oil (here)

Epsom bath salts (here)

A bowl

A wooden spoon

I didn’t pay much attention to quantities, (surprise surprise!) but you can really just go with your gut when mixing the separate components together. I used 10-15 drops of the essential oil, a generous handful of my dried lavender and the whole box of Epsom salts. (Friends and grandparents look away now because this is probably your Christmas present).

Stir them all together with a wooden spoon before packing them into pretty jars or bottles! You could tie ribbon or string around the tops if you’re thinking of giving them as gifts.

I hope you like this little DIY! Let me know if you make it too by tagging me on Twitter or Instagram @georgiaadolpho

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