Thanks to so many of you engaging in this post for a slice of healthy hummus action, OXO kindly contacted me again with an opportunity to collaborate on another exciting project. This time, the humble kitchen slicer was replaced with a state-of-the-art Cold Brew Coffee Maker, which is brand new to their range of products and is priced at an affordable £45. Along with luxury coffee producer Cherizena, they challenged me to come up with a recipe for iced coffee using some delicious ground coffee flavours.

I love iced coffee, in fact I’m a bit of a coffee fiend and despite the disgusting weather I thought it would be nice to combine my two favourite things – coffee and nice-cream – for an indulgent yet totally healthy frappe recipe. Because who doesn’t love a frappe, right? Plus enjoying your morning fix cold is much better for your digestive system as it’s not as acidic as hot coffee. If you find that hot coffee causes you tummy discomfort, enjoying it this way may help.

What you’ll need:


1 measure of brewed coffee using OXO’s Cold Brew Coffee Maker

(I used Cherizena’s Raspberry & Chocolate flavour)

2 bananas, frozen

almond milk or your choice of milk




Remove the bananas from the freezer and blitz with almond milk (or your choice of milk) until you reach a smooth, ice-cream consistency. Add 1 measure of brewed coffee and mix well until you reach the milkshake consistency you fancy. Taste and add/take away milk/coffee as you please!





The cold brew maker isn’t just for iced teas and coffees, you can use it with milk and boiling water too. But soaking the coffee grounds in cold water actually makes for a smoother taste, as pouring boiling water straight on to your coffee is what creates that bitterness we’re used to.

It’s really simple once you get the hang of it. Just pour your coffee grounds into the top, cover with the lid and then pour water over the lid to be sprinkled down onto the coffee grounds using a “rain-maker”. Use a 1-part coffee, 2-parts water ratio. For a cold brew, leave it overnight. For hot coffee, enjoy after about 8 minutes!

I love this machine, especially since it’s totally wire-free and doesn’t rely on electricity so I don’t have to find somewhere to plug it in. It just sits happily on my kitchen worktop full of delicious coffee!

Side note: The cold brew lasts for up to a week in the fridge, and if you don’t manage to drink it all you can freeze portions in ice-cube trays and drop into cups of cold almond milk for instant iced-coffee.


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